What is a homeowners association?

The Association is a legal corporation organized and incorporate under the laws of your state or commonwealth.  The Association has Articles of Incorporation that entitle the association to exercise powers of a corporation (the Articles can be found under Documents on this site).  Membership in the association is mandatory and automatic for all owners.  The deed to your home specifically designates that the property owner will comply with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of the association.  You should have received these documents at the time of your closing on your unit.  As a property owner in a community association, you will be required to pay assessments, abide by the community’s rules and regulations and maintain those areas of your home for which you are responsible.


What are the Board's responsibility?

Your Association is a not-for-profit corporation.  The Board’s responsibility is to run the business of the corporation.  This includes collection of assessments as well as payments made for services provided to the Association.  In general, the Board members are the decision makers of the Association.  The Board consists of individual homeowners who live within the community and who are elected to that position by the members of the Association.  All affairs of your association are governed by the Board of Directors.

What is a “common area”?

A common area refers to all property leased, owned, or maintained by the Association; in Wordsworth this would include everything outside your home.  This is mainly for the sole use and benefit of the members in your Association.



Wordsworth Condo Association falls under the West Neck Homeowners Association umbrella; that is why you pay two monthly assessments.  West Neck has a Board of Directors that govern the common areas of West Neck including the Village Hall, the streets are owned by the City. Wordsworth is on private property, including the streets and hydrants and has an elected Board of Directors that govern the Wordsworth community.  We are a Condominium Association, thus the monthly assessment to Wordsworth that has a management company that runs the day to day operations at the direction of your Board of Directors.

Q. Who is our management company and what do they do for us?


A. Associa-Community Group is the management company for Wordsworth.  They manage the day to day operations of our community (assessment collection, cash disbursement, contract oversight, place of business, emergency response, maintenance oversight, interface with Board, Committee and homeowners, community inspections, etc.).  You may find more information on Community Group by visiting their website at communitygroup.com.

Q.  Who are the assigned Managers and what is his contact information?

A.   Associa- Community Brett Campbell, CMCA, PCAM – Assigned Manager

4534 Bonney Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Phone:  757-747-0908 Fax:     757-499-5928

E-mail:  bcampbell@communitygroup.com

Beverly Mallard, CMCA – Associate

4534 Bonney Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Phone:  757-747-0918 Fax:      757-499-5928

E-mail:  bmallard@communitygroup.com

Emergency and/or After Hours#: 757-490-4471

Wordsworth has a unique system of communications that works well with the community. Each building has a building representative who can be a great source of information to you.
We also have a great group of volunteers that make up our committees
A list of building representatives and committee chairmen can be found on the website.

Q. How can I get a directory?

A. Homeowner directories are distributed one time per year.

  If you need a copy contact e-mail Marguerite Sell – Sunshine Committee Chair at msslvn@cox.net.

Q.  What is the community website address?

A. www.wordsworthvillagecondo.com

Q. Who should I call first if I have a question and I’m not sure who the right person is to contact?

A.  Contact Associa-Community Group at the numbers listed above and they will be happy to assist on any question or concern you may have.

Q.  When is an Architectural Modification Form (AMF) necessary? Where can I get an Architectural Modification Form?

A. It’s easy!  Download a blank copy from our webpage which you will find listed in the webpage index under maintenance.

The need for an AMF would be if you wanted to make any change to the exterior of the unit. Interior modifications do not require approval unless the medication would require change any interior common element such as structural supports or any wire or plumbing that would be visible from the exterior.

There is a special form for the installation of generators on the website.  All permanent emergency generator installation requests shall be sent to Community Group for their coordination at least 1 month before installation. After obtaining approval from the Wordsworth Board, the professionally-installed emergency generator must meet all requirements imposed by the City of Virginia Beach before installation. A copy of the official notice and/or permit and final inspection must be sent to the Management Company for the boards’ records.

Screening systems for balconies, patios or garage doors requires a special form to be completed. The Association shall approve all screening forms in writing prior to the owners’ ordering and installation. To obtain a form for approval see Wordsworth Website, under ARC heading.  Form shall be filled out completely for approval. NO verbal approval will be given. The retractable screen requirement is now an option. All retractable units may be manual or motorized.

If planting in your beds in front of your unit you need to fill out” request to plant form” located under committees on the webpage.

Q.  How do I submit an Architectural Modification Request or Request to Plant Form for approval?

A.  Print a blank copy of the architectural request form that you will find listed on our webpage. Follow the directions on the form and make sure to attach all relevant drawing, pictures, etc. and forward to Community Group.

Q.  Where do I find a calendar of events?

A. Calendar of events for Wordsworth can be found on the website.  The Calendar of events for the Master Association, West Neck, can be found on their website at www.westneckvillages.com

Q.  How do I pay my monthly assessment?

A. Assessment coupon booklets are distributed one time a year.  The assessment booklets contain information on the assessment payment process and remit address.  You may pay online or through debit of you bank account at communitygroup.com.

Q.  I need a new mailbox key.

What do I do? A. Princess Anne Post Office – 427-2705

Q.  If I want to serve on the Board how do I get the ball rolling?

A.  Ah, a noble cause. Please contact a member of the Board and let them know of your interest. The Candidates will be considered at the annual meeting held in October and will be voted on by the members of our Neighborhood.  Please do not think the process will be difficult.  Our Neighborhood is always in need of qualified people that want to help and we usually have only four to five people to consider.  Besides, if you don’t serve directly on the Board you may be able to help on a committee.

Q. How do I let the Board know about an issue?

A. Go to the website and click on “Contact Us” pick who you want to contact and submit the issue.

Q. Can I put my trash can on the street for pickup?

A.  Trash day is Tuesday and the following is the rule regarding pickup:

“Household refuse shall be placed adjacent to the street no earlier than 5 A.M. of the scheduled refuse collection day. Please remember that putting your refuse out early has allowed the wild animals in this area to rip the bags open overnight. Also note the white or clear colored bags have allowed the birds to be able to see through them, causing them to rip open the bags for the food inside the bag

Starting January 1, 2014 all trash bags are REQUIRED to be BLACK in color. One bag available is the Hefty Blackout 13 gallon Tall Kitchen Draw String Bags for the smaller trash cans. Owners who continue to be in non-compliance of revised trash bag color shall be subject to receiving notice as per the Rules.”
If you have a Bulk Pickup item to put out on trash day, check the list of bulk items, their prices and contact the number listed on the website to alert the garage pickup crew that it will be there.

Q. What type of blinds or curtains can be installed in a unit?

A. Below you will find the rule regarding curtain and blind installation:

“All window coverings and treatments visible from the outside of the Units shall be either
standard or off-white blinds, or draperies lined with white or off-white lining, or other such common color or shade as may be determined by the Association.  Blinds must be kept in good repair.”

Q. What type of screen door can I purchase?

A. Storm doors must be white “full-view”.  Prior approval must be obtained prior to the installation of a storm door.

Q. Can a contractor put a construction sign in my front yard?

A. No. Our architectural guidelines prohibit it along with For Sale signs or For Rent signs.

Q.  What do I do if I notice termites in my unit?

A. Contact National Exterminating at 757-599-3621.  Wordsworth has a contract with National and will send a technician to your unit to inspect and treat if necessary.

Q. Who do I contact if my Mortgage Company requests a Certificate of Insurance for the Master Policy?

A. You can find a certificate of insurance on the website. Please contact State Farm at 757366-0322 if you need specific loan information listed on the Certificate of Insurance.

Q. Where do I find information on the unit owner maintenance responsibility?

A. A Maintenance Responsibility Chart is located on the webpage.  The Chart list items the Association maintains and maintenance items of the unit owner.

Q. Where is the water cutoff for my unit?

A. The water cut-off is located along the garage wall of your unit near the door that enters your unit inside the garage.

Q.  What if I hear a noise in the Sprinkler Room?

A. Contact Community Group and they will send someone to inspect.

Q. Are we FHA approved?

A. Yes, the Association is FHA approved.

Q. Are we VA approved?

A. No, the Association is not VA approved due to VA lending requirements regarding rental restrictions.  To the best of our knowledge existing VA loans do no apply.

Q. What is required to sell my unit?

A. Per the Virginia Condominium Act a disclosure package must be ordered from the Association to the buyer prior to the sale of your unit.  The package has certain documents that must be included, so the buyer has all information on the Association prior to purchase.  A disclosure package can be ordered for Wordsworth at communitygroup.com.

Q. What is required to rent my unit?

A. No Unit Owner shall lease his Condominium Unit for a period of less than six (6) months and no more than 25% or 75 of the total units may be leased at any given time.

No Unit Owner shall lease his Condominium Unit except for residential purposes.  Each unit may be occupied by only one family or by a maximum of one person per bedroom for unrelated persons.
At least one person actually occupying the Unit shall be at least 55 years of age or older, shall consider the Unit to be their legal residence and shall also actually reside in the Unit for at least six (6) months of each calendar year. No lessee or occupant shall be both under the age of 20 and stay overnight in the Unit for more than ninety (90) days during any calendar year.

*Prior to the effective date of such lease, the Unit lessees, occupants or guests authorized to use the Condominium Unit in the Unit Owner lessor’s absence shall be disclosed to the Association, indicating the exact period of the time during which such persons will be authorized.

*A copy of all leases shall be delivered to the Board of Directors and/or the acting management company managing the Condominium Property, to be kept in the Associations records.