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Wordsworth May 2020 E Newsletter
Since we do not know for sure when things will be back to our usual routine (if ever) I am just going to update you on some useful information (I hope).
Chandler asked me to pass on to you that with the storms and winds we have been experiencing you may have additional shutters that do not belong to you.  Please put them somewhere that can be picked up easily and will not get blown away.  What he did not add, when reporting, state the address where they can be found.  
The recent storms are playing havoc with our shutters.  Several homeowners have reported missing and loose shutters.  Repair orders have been issued to secure the loose ones and replace the damaged ones.  If any of you have a missing shutter in your garage or knows where one is, please advise me or Brett Campbell.  A good place to put the shutter is at your front door. Thank all of you for being so observant and reporting on maintenance issues.  
Stay safe,
Know you all are anxious to know details of the results of Tuesday’s auction but there is no good or bad news.  I am including an email that Tom Luckman, voting member for Arthur Park, sent to his residents.
A/P Homeowners: 3 bidders at today's auction of the Signature, W. C. Capital LLC (the note holder represented by their Registered Agent, John McIntyre), a Dr Holt representing Beachside Rehabilitation, LLC and Ed Gross.
W.C. Capital won with a bid of $2,325,000.
In speaking to Mr. McIntyre after the sale, he said W. C. Capital is not a golf course company, that every day the course is worth less due to the weather, and that there are two parties who have stated an interest in the Signature who will probably contact him in the near future. He could not say more.
So, it looks like W. C. Capital believes the course is worth over $2,300,000 to someone since that was Dr. Hoyt's final bid. In its purchase of the property they foreclosed on I believe W. C. Capital was able to eliminate the junior debt and the liens that were on the Signature.
So, we are no closer to finding out the ultimate outcome, except that W. C. Capital wants to do something quickly.
Sorry, no good news.
Your Voting Member
My only thoughts are do not believe any gossip or rumors about the sale until it is official by one of the Board sent to you by E News or passed on through Constant Contact.
From Community Group, Brett Campbell:
I have listed below the April 2020 Annual Plan and Preventative Maintenance Chart. Note-The 2020 roof inspection of buildings 3000-3900 has been performed. A roof inspection repair list will be forwarded. Due to “Social Distancing” because of the pandemic (COVID 19) the board will limit the number of persons (Board & Gary Evans) on performing the annual inspection of buildings (3000-3900) scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th. We request no residents approach the inspection team during this time. Also, below are some items the building inspection will include:
2020 Preventative Maintenance Plan Buildings:  3000-3900
·        Shutter Inspection
·        Brick Inspection:  cracks, missing mortar, etc.
·        Inspect caulking around windows and other sealants
·        Siding Inspection:  cracks, missing siding, landscape damage, etc.
·        Dryer Vent (Inform homeowners to inspect dryer vents & clean)
MAY 2020
Board of Directors Annual Inspection (5/6/20)
TBD Budget and Committee Finance Committee Meeting
Gutter Cleaning Option
Round Two Turf Application
 Lawn Service Weekly
 Season Flower Installation
Building Light Inspection
Weekly Landscape Service
As Needed Tree and Shrub Applications
Flower Installation
Application 3 – Turf Program
Shrub Applications –
As Needed Trash and Debris Removal (except landscape debris caused by storms)
Weed Control
Paint Lawn Sprinkler Head Pumps
Sidewalk, Streets and Driveway Inspection
Brett Campbell CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Manager
Lastly, Chandler and Brett have updated the maintenance chart that can be found on the maintenance page of the website.  I am including it so you can have it handy.  The most frequent questions I get are “who is responsible?”  This chart should answer most of those questions:
Final Thoughts:
How many new hobbies have you discovered a talent for?  Crossword puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles (up to 1000 pieces yet), baking, knitting, quilting?  Remember when we said we would never get the hang of those new phones that do everything? Now we are old hands at making appointments with doctors that we facetime with our problems!  My great grandkids are telling me about their day, and we are talking more then we ever did.  These are positives we can take away from this virus but I wonder if we will have a new normal when all is safe again.
Stay safe and hope to see you around the neighborhood once again!

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