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Wordsworth January 2020 E Newsletter
Happy New Year!
First, there will be trash pickup tomorrow (7th) as usual, cannot guarantee who it will be but be assured the trash will be picked up.  Contracts will be discussed and finalized at the meeting on the 8th.
Second, you may have received the sprinkler room inspection notice twice.  I tried several times to send Constant Contact this weekend to no avail so relied on the building reps to get the message to their building until I could contact the server on Monday.  Learned a good lesson, Using Internet Explorer is not always the best way to use the internet, for one thing Constant Contact doesn’t always work through them and they recommended using Chrome instead.  I went through them and it is working.  No further hiccups, I hope.  While working the sprinkler rooms they sometimes affect the pressure in the system setting off an alarm which is very loud.  If this happens be assured, they will rectify the problem.
The next Wordsworth Board of Directors meeting is January 8th, 2020 at 6PM.  This meeting will be important because contracts for Landscaping and Trash will be decided.  The Board will also approve a 2020 Annual Plan and a 2020 Maintenance Schedule.  The Board will review both plans and make corrections or additions. The next ten buildings to be inspected in 2020 are the 3000 – 3900 buildings.  Since we have completed the 5-year cycle to inspect the attics and painted all the shutters, the Board will have to update the plan for 2020 buildings starting with the 3000’s.   
From Management:
In the January meeting the board will be discussing waste removal proposal(s) and landscape proposal(s). Also, the street trees have been approved to be pruned for low lying branches, removal of Crepe Myrtle stumps, and behind buildings 100-1900 the wood line to be cleaned up to redefine the turf edge ending point.  See below 2020 maintenance plan of next 10 buildings, January Maintenance Calendar, January Annual Plan.
2020 Preventative Maintenance Plan Buildings:  3000-3900
·        Painting – Entry doors, columns and shutters
·        Clean Siding
·        Roof Inspection:  Ridge vent, vent stacks and cupola’s
·        Shutter Inspection
·        Brick Inspection:  cracks, missing mortar, etc.
·        Inspect caulking around windows and other sealants
·        Siding Inspection:  cracks, missing siding, landscape damage, etc.
·        Dryer Vent (Inform homeowners to inspect dryer vents & clean)
·        Attic Inspection
Leaf Collection as Needed
Identify shrub in need of replacement
Sprinkler Room Inspection by VSC Contractor
Building Shrub Replacement
Crepe Myrtle Pruning
Termite Inspection
Building Light Inspection
01/08/2020 Board Meeting
TBD Budget and Finance Committee Meeting (3:00 P.M. VH)
Organize files
Meet with Board to approve Audit/ financials for audit
Prepare 2019 files for audit.   Set up 2020 files
Discuss 2020 Preventative Maintenance Plan – Painting of doors/columns & Pressure Washing
Work with Board organize Committees for 2020
Update Maintenance Calendar and Review with Board
Distribute E-Newsletter
Schedule Annual Inspection
Review Rules and Regulations
Brett Campbell CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Manager
Message from the Board Vice President:
The quarterly sprinkler room inspections should have been finished by the end of December.  In addition, all outside water faucets should now be turned OFF for the winter months.  If you have any questions about this, kindly let me know.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Sprinkler Room Team.  Their dedication helps prevent damage and costly repairs to our water systems during the colder months.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year.
Mark Heller
Sprinkler Room Committee
I want to send out a BG thank you to the Building Reps for helping me get the notice out to their buildings.  It is great to know that I have an alternative to Constant Contact if that is not available when needed ASAP.  Thanks!
West Neck:
The next West Neck Board of Directors meeting will be January 15th, 2020 at 6PM in the Village Hall. 
I am sure the Board will have contracts to settle with Signature no longer available to them either.  I know they have an Ad Hoc committee trying to make sense out of what is going on with the golf course.
Wordsworth Website: . 
Check out the event calendars on West Neck and Wordsworth websites, the events listed on the Wordsworth calendar are open to everyone in Wordsworth.  There is a maintenance listing of vendors, under the maintenance page, that have been recommended by the residents. Remember to check to make sure any contractors or handymen you hire have the proper permits to do the work, if necessary.  On the documents page you will find the updated master insurance policy that your mortgage company will request from you.  Units for sale will show you condos currently for sale in the neighborhood.  If you want a screened porch installed on your patio or balcony, the form you will need to submit to ARC can be found under documents also.  We try to keep the website up to date for you to be able to find the necessary documents or information about Wordsworth.
Wordsworth Activities:
The Worthy Ladies have a luncheon on the last Thursday of the month, with Signature closed, the time and place is yet to be determined.  It is a great time to meet some of your neighbors and exchange places and things to try outside the neighborhood.  If you want to be notified as to time and place, just let Marguerite know your email address, so she can notify you.  Contact Marguerite at 426-3034.
There are various bunko groups that play in the neighborhood and they can always use new people to sub. No experience necessary you can learn in one evening with no problem and the groups have a lot of fun. The dates those bunko groups play is on the calendar on the website.  There are four bunko groups, 1st Monday, 2nd Thursday, 3rd Tuesday and a Couple’s group that plays on the 4th Friday of the month.  All are evening games played in the host’s home in Wordsworth.  I know we have new residents that would like to participate so just contact Marci Rush (1st Monday) Marguerite Sell  (2nd Thursday) or Marianne Galella (3rd Tuesday) for more info. 
For Couple’s info contact Sue Mays  The group is looking for couples to join the fun.  Bunko is a dice game that takes no experience and is strictly the luck of the roll.  We usually start out with a potluck dinner at the hosts’ condo on the 4th Friday of the month.  If this sounds like something you would like to try just let me know.
The neighborhood also has a book club that meets in the AM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.   Because of the growing size of the group, the group meets at the Village Hall in card room #1 at 10AM. The hostess for that month selects the book to be read and leads the discussion. The book list is on the website under the Book Club page. The next Book Club meeting is January 14th, the hostess is Rosemary or Susan and the selection for January is “this is how it always is” by Laurie Frankel.  Rosemary Bednarczyk 301-8997 & Susan Bryant 453-6982 co-chair the AM book club so if you are wanting to be part of a book club just contact either one.
There is a Canasta group that meets on the 2nd Monday (January 13th) in the card room at the Village Hall at 1 PM.  If you are interested in playing with the group, contact Marianne Galella or 301-7426 and she will put you on the reminder list.
If you have a group from Wordsworth and would like me to put it in the newsletter let me know and I will add it.
For Your Information:
The owners wanted me to continue this message:
For Sale by Owner, "For Sale by Owner: 3429 Robins Nest Arch.  Large Downstairs Biscayne Model, Just off the 11th Hole, Great views, Upgrades throughout. Contact Jan/Mike Sheldon 757-689-8495 $330,000/or Best Offer"
This is a short newsletter so I can get this out to you quickly.  I will send out an addition to the newsletter after the Board meeting with results or reports from that meeting.
Wordsworth Volunteers You Are the Greatest!!! Thank you!!!!  You have saved Wordsworth a lot of money and we appreciate the time you give to the neighborhood.
  “The greatest discovery of any generation
is that a human being
can alter his life by
altering his attitude”
- William James
See you around the neighborhood,
January Newsletter Part Two:
The contract for Trash (waste) pickup was given to West Neck Services which is Anthony and his crew for $24,096 a year.  The bulk pickup fee schedule will be posted on the website as soon as Anthony gets that to Brett along with the cost per item and his contact number. 
The Contract for Landscaping was given to West Neck Services (Anthony and his crew) for $119,940 a year.  Anthony hopes to have a 10-man crew to service Wordsworth.  He has added Brook Parker to his crew who for some of you will be a familiar face since he once worked for Signature Landscaping but now teaches sports at Kellum.  He is an arborist for one and very familiar with West Neck and its landscaping challenges making him an asset to Anthony and Wordsworth. 
$10,975 repair contract was given to Gary Evans for the sink hole on Loveliness.  If I understood the cause it was the sprinkler room pipe system that caused the problem. 
Reserves are in good order according to the Treasurer.  There will not be a financial committee meeting this month due, waiting on end of year financial reports for review, next meeting TBD. 
Our rules and regulations state that noise levels shall be reduced between the hours of 11PM and 7AM.  Remember you live in a building with 5 other families who may be early to bed people or enjoy a quiet evening reading.  If you need to redesign your unit and move furniture, please do it during the daylight hours if possible.  Construction work should be done during the day and not into the night.  Just be considerate of your neighbors and treat them as you would yourself.  Those work trucks that visit you should not park in the driveway blocking other people’s garages, please.  If they must then check with your neighbor to see if it is a problem. 

Arc has requested that you start putting away those holiday decorations.
I will be posting the 2020 Annual Plan and the 2020 Maintenance schedule on the website on the document page.  I will be posting the neighborhood directory as of the 10th of January on the website also.
Marguerite Sell wanted me to pass on to the ladies that the Worthy Ladies Luncheon will continue be the last Thursday of the month at the National Golf Course.  She will send out a reminder to those on her list closer to that date.  Want to join us contact Marguerite at 426-3034.
Finally, I have had some comments that some prefer the old format of the newsletter so I am working with Constant Contact to make it an attachment so when you open it, it will look like the old standby newsletter.
Have the best day Wordsworth,

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