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Wordsworth January 2023 E Newsletter
The next Wordsworth Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, January 11 in the Village Hall at 6PM.  The agenda will be short after the Minutes, Treasurer’s report, Committee reports, the main discussions will be during the Manager’s report going over the review of the 2023 Annual Plan and Maintenance Calendar, review scheduled Replacement Reserves for 2023 and review 2023 Waste Removal Service agreement.  There will be any new business that has come up in the last week.
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting -1/4/23
Board Meeting-1/11/23
Organize files
Meet with Board to approve Audit/ financials for audit
Twice Monthly Lawn Service; pick up litter
Prepare 2022 files for audit.   Set up 2023 files
Discuss 2023 Preventative Maintenance Plan – Painting of doors/columns & Pressure Washing
Work with Board organize Committees for 2023
Update Maintenance Calendar and Review with Board
Distribute E-Newsletter
Schedule Annual Inspection
Review Rules and Regulations
Develop 2023 Annual Plan
Develop 2023 Maintenance Plan
 Bi-weekly Landscape Service
Leaf Collection as needed
Cut back ornamentals/horticultural oil
Sprinkler room inspection by VSC
Termite inspection
Building light inspection
Waste removal
This is a good time of the year to do those little maintenance items around your unit, clean dryer vents, check those smoke detectors etc.
·         If you plan to be gone for an extended period of time cut off water services to your unit.
·         Set Heating Thermostat to minimum setting 50-55 degrees.
·         Leave key to unit with a neighbor or relative.  Also a phone number where you can be reached in an emergency.
·         Turn off bell on all telephones.
·         Put timers on lamps in living room or entry or kitchen.
·         Remove all trash inside unit.
·         Lock all exterior doors securely.
·         Engage all deadbolts as well as entry locks.
·         Have someone collect your mail, newspapers, etc.
·         Have someone inspect the exterior of your unit for forced entry, broken windows, etc. every week if possible.
The above Helpful Hints are from Brett that we try to get out the first of the year.
I have been asked many times for a Handyman to help with small jobs around the condo such as changing smoke detectors or their batteries and other small jobs that have become necessary to ask for help because we are no longer able to climb that ladder or do those chores we have done in the past.  I have two names for you:
1.Handy Wayne’s Home Repair Licensed and Insured 757-776-6002.  Does plumbing, electric, painting, tile and more.
2. Veteran Home Repair Inc. Paul Beni, Owner. USN Retired Licensed & Insured. Interior Home Repairs – Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels 757-639-3900 email
It is time for the required inspection of the fire equipment in your facility to maintain compliance with state and federal codes as well as your insurance requirements.  This email is to inform you that VSC Fire and Security, Inc. has the annual inspection set up for 1/16 - 1/18, beginning at around 8:00 a.m.  We understand that most people are busy and cannot always get back to us with a phone call.  Using this method, we can continue to schedule work and you can continue on in your daily endeavors.  In the instance the date and time we choose are not convenient with you, please reply to this email so that we may stop our technicians from coming to you.  If the date and time work for you there is no need to reply as we already have you on the schedule.  Thank you in advance and see you soon.
 â€‹Christine M. Jordan
VSC Fire & Security, Inc.
George Davis posts the monthly calendar on the West Neck website and sends the copy to me.  I in turn post the entries that pertain to Wordsworth, he marks the entries that could include everyone because there are Villages that have specific events.  So, check out our calendar to find an event that would interest you.
The next West Neck Board meeting is January 18th in the Village Hall at 6PM
Wordsworth Bunko groups (1st Monday and 2nd Thursday) can always use a sub, if you are interested in subbing contact Marguerite Sell
Worthy Ladies Luncheon is scheduled for January 26th at the National Golf Course at 11:30AM.  Let Marguerite know if you would like to attend by January 24th.
The January book selection was “The Dutch House” by Anne Patchett.  The AM Book Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall card rooms at 10AM.  You can find the monthly selections on the website The selection for February is “The Many Daughters of Afond May” by Jamie Ford.  Your host for February is Terri Hughs. If you would like to be added to the reminder list, contact Rosemary
I will be posting an update to the alphabetical listing and the by building listing of the directory towards the end of the month.  I already have had some complaints of wrong numbers.  Please email me any corrections so I can correct them when I post the updates.
Please refer to the rules about wreaths and holiday decorations, Rule #2. ARC will be making a tour around the neighborhood in a week.
Knowledge is like underwear. It is useful to have it, but not necessary to show it off. Bill Murray
See you around the neighborhood,

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