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Wordsworth October 2023 E Newsletter
The next Wordsworth Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for November 8th and is our end of year meeting.  This meeting will include year-end committee reports and approval of the 2024 budget.
Election of the Board members was completed at the October 11th annual meeting with the Board remaining the same as 2023.  There were no changes in the officers of the Board after the organizational meeting following the election. Nick Smith, vice president; Chandler Calvert, secretary; Mark Heller, Treasurer; Earl Harper, director and Sue Mays, President.  
Nick Smith remains liaison to the Social Committee and the Sunshine Committee.  Chandler Calvert remains liaison to maintenance committee which includes exterior lighting and flag committee.  Mark Heller is liaison to the finance; neighborhood watch and sprinkler room committees. Earl Harper is our ARC chair. Sue Mays remains chair of communications which includes the newsletter, directory, and website.
We have a new Chairperson for the Finance Committee, Sharon Williams. Sharon will be setting up the 2024 schedule for meetings starting January 1st. If you would like to be on the Finance Committee, contact Sharon at
The proposed 2024 Budget was mailed out on the 12th. Included is a summary of the Budget to show increases in water and contracts including insurance and landscaping.  Keep an eye out for this important mailing.
The age restriction survey was reported by Brett Campbell with 275 occupant forms received so far.  Brett will be working on a second notice to the remaining 25 and hopefully we will have a 100% completion rate soon. If you have any questions concerning this survey, contact Brett Campbell Emailing is the quickest way to contact Brett.
Concerning the age restrictions, it is pretty easy to understand in our rules and regulations.  Some concerns: No condominium shall be leased for a period of less than six (6) months and only for residential purposes. Each unit may be occupied by only one family. At least one person occupying the unit shall be at least 55 years of age and be their legal residence and shall reside in the unit for at least six months every calendar year.  No occupant shall be under the age of 20 and stay overnight in the unit for more than ninety days during any calendar year.  Remember you don’t have to be 55 or over to own but you need to be 55 or over to reside.
There has been some confusion among the new residents that the Village Hall is the place to go for information or needed ARC forms concerning Wordsworth.  Wordsworth has its own website that will answer most of your questions and you will find needed ARC forms there also. The Sunshine Committee tries to get in touch with each new resident with a bag full of great information about Wordsworth including the Rules and Regulations. All the Sunshine ladies can do is deliver the bag and direct you to the information they cannot be responsible for you not taking advantage of that information.  The Village Hall is a spot for events and activities but has nothing to do with the day-to-day business of Wordsworth. We are a private condo association that is part of West Neck.  If you would like to be kept up to date about the goings on in Wordsworth and you haven’t answered that card from Sunshine that was put on your door contact Marguerite Sell If you know of someone in your building that isn’t receiving the “news” give them a copy of this newsletter. Thanks.  
The Board works off an action list updated by Community Group (Brett Campbell) on work orders and pending issues that need to be brought to the Board’s attention.  This includes contracts up for renewal, maintenance scheduled for their consideration, any day-to-day issues that need a decision. Following are issues still pending on our 2023 action list: 
Pending is requested proposals Parking Lot Maintenance & Princess Anne Paving for crack repair and sealcoating of the roadways. 
Pending is electric car outlets. There appears to be some confusion as to what we require from owners so Brett has contacted legal counsel and requested a policy resolution that the Board could review and adopt making it easier to understand what we are asking of the owners.
The pending contractor has located 35 cut off valves and is working on locating the remaining water cut off valves.
There are remaining individual work orders to be completed if you have not received notification that a work order was ordered concerning your issue contact Brett As I have said before it is quicker to email.
The October Maintenance Schedule and the October Annual Plan can be found on the website 
If you have questions about ARC contact Earl Harper; maintenance of the exterior of the community contact Chandler Calver; Landscaping issues contact Brett Campbell; if you have not received updates or newsletters, change of phone number in directory or event you want in the newsletter contact Sue 
The next West Neck Board meeting is their annual election by the voting members on October 25th at 6PM in the Village Hall.
A draft of the Board meeting minutes from October 11th will be posted to the Wordsworth website.
The list of Building Representatives is up to date on the website .  We have another resident step down from building rep, I want to thank Charles Ryan in building 3800 for his service to the community.  We have lost more relocating and selling their units.  So, I am asking you to check on the website for your building under the building reps list and if you can fill that spot let me know and I can send you the responsibility of that easy job. Thanks
The first Monday night Bunko group and the second Thursday night Bunko are actively playing if you would like to be on a sub list contact Marci for Monday night and Marguerite for Thursday night.
The AM Book club is scheduled to meet on November 14th (second Tuesday) at 10AM in the card room of the Village Hall.  The selection for November is “The Lions of Fifth Avenue” by Fiona Davis hosted by Sue Mays.  If you would like to join the group contact Rosemary and she will put you on a reminder list.
The Worthy Ladies Luncheon will be enjoying their last luncheon of the year on October 26th at Lucky Oyster 2165 General Booth, at 11:30AM. If you would like to attend, please RSVP by the 23rd to Pearl or 757-406-7947.
“We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young.”
Stay well and Safe,

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