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Wordsworth November 2019 E Newsletter
The next Wordsworth Board of Directors meeting is November 13th at 6PM.  The approval of the 2020 budget will be the main item on the agenda.  This is the meeting where the Committee Chairs must have their year-end reports to the Board before the meeting.
I am sure that Community Group is preparing the Board for contingencies if we must look at new landscaping and trash contracts to keep us running as usual.  Nothing has changed since the last report from Chandler. 
The Action list for the Board is just to keep up to date on the Annual Plan:
Gutter Cleaning Option
 Board Meeting
 Order 2020 coupons
Inspect Beds for Dead Shrub
Replacement Seasonal Flower Installation
Schedule Board Training Seminar if necessary
 Committee Reports
 Gutter Cleaning Option
Round 6 Turf Application
 Mail 2020 coupons
 Grounds service as needed
 Review for adoption 2020 Strategic Plan
Maintenance Calendar:
November 2019
 As Needed Trash and Debris Removal (except landscape debris caused by storms)
Weed Control
Leaf Collection as Needed
Gutter Cleaning (If Necessary)
Building Light Inspection
December 2019:
As Needed Trash and Debris Removal (except landscape debris caused by storms)
Application 6 – Formulated Fertilizer
Weed Control
Leaf Collection as Needed
Gutter Cleaning (If Necessary)
Exterior Water Faucets Turned-Off
Turn on Heaters in Sprinkler Rooms
Building Light Inspection
From Mark Heller:
OCTOBER 24, 2019
Sherwood Lakes Proposed Land Swap - 
Restaurant originally proposed at the entrance to Sherwood Lakes is being moved to the south end of the southern lake on Princess Anne Road in a land swap deal with the City of Virginia Beach.  
Dome Site Development Proposal - go to to review the proposal.
Sandbridge Sand Replenishment program is now scheduled to be completed by May 24, 2020.  Project postponed due to turtle migration on the beach.
Creeds-Blackwater Library Upgrade will begin January 2020 and completed by April 30, 2020.  The library will remain open during the upgrade.
City Manager Search - currently the city has nine applicants.  City plans to have 3 finalists for the Council to consider.  Public will be involved in the hiring process.
Planning Items - City Council November 19th
Gee's Group LLC -n Conditional use permit to build a Mini-warehouse Storage facility at 1964 Fisher Arch
Planning Commission - November 13th
Wolf Brothers Events LLC - Conditional use permit for assembly use at 1145 Princess Anne Road, maximum of 50 events per year
RAW Enterprises, Inc - Conditional rezoning from B-2 Community Business District to A-18 Apartment District.  37 apartments to be built on the property directly to the east of the 7-11 at Princess Anne Marketplace (Nimmo Pkwy) and south of the new Bickford Assisted Living facility.
Cello Partnership - d/b/a/ Verizon Wireless conditional use permit to build a 110-foot-tall cell tower on the northwest corner of Princess Anne Road and Nimmo Parkway
West Neck:
The next West Neck Board of Directors meeting will be November 20, 2019 at 6PM in the Village Hall. 
The West Neck Board will be approving their 2020 budget.
Wordsworth Website: . 
Check out the event calendars on West Neck and Wordsworth websites, the events listed on the Wordsworth calendar are open to everyone in Wordsworth.  There is a maintenance listing of vendors that have been recommended by the residents remember to check and make sure they have the proper permits to do the work you are hiring them for, if necessary.  On the documents page you will find the updated master insurance policy that your mortgage company will request from you.  Units for sale will show you condos currently for sale in the neighborhood.  If you want a screened porch installed on your patio or balcony, the form you will need to submit to ARC can be found under documents also.  We try to keep the website up to date for you to be able to find the necessary documents or information about Wordsworth.
Wordsworth Activities:
The Worthy Ladies does not meet in November or December due to the holidays but will resume in January.  If you want to be notified as to time and place, just let Marguerite know your email address and, she will notify you.  Contact Marguerite at 426-3034.
There are various bunko groups that play in the neighborhood and they can always use new people to sub. No experience necessary you can learn in one evening with no problem and the groups have a lot of fun. The dates those bunko groups play is on the calendar on the website.  There are four bunko groups, 1st Monday, 2nd Thursday, 3rd Tuesday and a Couple’s group that plays on the 4th Friday of the month.  All are evening games played in the host’s home in Wordsworth.  I know we have new residents that would like to participate so just contact Marci Rush (1st Monday) Marguerite Sell  (2nd Thursday) or Marianne Galella (3rd Tuesday) for more info.  For Couple’s info contact Sue Mays  Any couples willing to join the couple’s bunko, let me know.
The neighborhood also has a book club that meets in the AM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.   Because of the growing size of the group, the group meets at the Village Hall in card room #1 at 10AM. The hostess for that month selects the book to be read and leads the discussion. The book list is on the website under the Book Club page. The next Book Club meeting is November 12th, the hostess is Rosemary Bednarczyk and the selection for November is “What Was Mine” by Helen Kline Ross.  Rosemary Bednarczyk 301-8997 & Susan Bryant 453-6982 co-chair the AM book club so if you are wanting to be part of a book club just contact either one.
There is an evening book club that meets every three months to give those slow or busy readers a chance to join a book club. The next meeting will be November 25th at 7pm at the home of Sue Mays, 3411 Robins Nest Arch, 689-0006 or   The book for November is “The Guest Book” by Sarah Blake.  If you would like to join us just let me know.
There is a Canasta group that meets on the 2nd Monday (November 11th) in the card room at the Village Hall at 1 PM.  If you are interested in playing with the group, contact Marianne Galella or 301-7426 and she will put you on the reminder list.
There is a Men’s Bible Group that meets every Friday at the Village Hall from 10AM to noon.  Join them for a chapter by chapter, verse by verse, in-depth study of 1st. & 2nd Corinthians.
If you have a group from Wordsworth and would like me to put it in the newsletter let me know and I will add it.
For Your Information:
For Sale by Owner, "For Sale by Owner: 3429 Robins Nest Arch.  Large Downstairs Biscayne Model, Just off the 11th Hole, Great views, Upgrades throughout. Contact Jan/Mike Sheldon 757-689-8495 $330,000/or Best Offer"
For Sale by Owner: 3469 Winding Trail Circle, $325,000
Wordsworth Village, Boca 1908 sq. ft, 2nd floor condo with elevator. 
3 BR/ 2 BA, den/office off Master BR. Refrigerator, DW, microwave, washer and dryer new 2017. All new hardwood floors. Eat-in kitchen with Corian countertops. New A/C 2019. HOA/condo dues include water, sewer, trash pick-up and master insurance on building. Ready for move-in.
Contact: John Konlande 757-404-0285
I will be sending out two newsletters this month.  The second will follow in a day or two concerning condominium living for those new to it and for those that might need reminding.
Wordsworth Volunteers You Are the Greatest!!! Thank you!!!!
  “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
- Confucius
For What It’s Worth Part Two
Condominium Living Is Different
When we reach a point in life where we want to be relieved of maintaining a big house and grounds, we begin to investigate rental apartments, co-ops or condominiums. Salespeople and their brochures picture “Carefree Living", "Freedom from Old Responsibilities", No Maintenance Prob­lems", all for the price of one monthly fee. None of them mention that we must learn a new way of living: living with consideration for our close neighbors instead of for ourselves alone.
When you own your own home and the grounds around it, you are Lord and Master" of your particular piece of property. When you live in a condo, you are only "Lord and Master" within the four walls of your residence - and only then if your deportment is such that you do not bother your neighbors. The first step outside your door puts you on "common ground" and you have only equal rights with all your neighbors.
People moving into condo complexes often are not aware of this difference and find the adjustment difficult until they come to the realiza­tion that their old habits of "Lord and Master" ownership have to be replaced by what might be termed "Together We Enjoy ownership. Because this is generally not understood, and because most owners do not understand what can or cannot be permitted, Rules and Regulations have been adopted in our Condominium Declarations and Association By-Laws, supervised by a Board of Directors. The rules we live by are printed and widely distributed.
Your first responsibility to your neighbors is to read and become familiar with your Rules and Regulations. Your next responsibility is to adhere strictly to them. You will find them quite reasonable, quite com­mon-sense and easy to live by if you realize you are not Lord and Master in the same sense you were before. If by chance or design you fail to cooperate fully, you can expect eventually to be called to task. The Rules and Regulations are legal and enforceable and are part and parcel of the contract you agreed to when you bought your condo.
Those of us who have learned to live in a condominium community enjoy each other's company and our surroundings. Those who reject control and try to evade or ignore their responsibilities are often unhappy and critical. Try to be a good neighbor and you'll find life here most delightful.
This was given to me by a resident who spends half the year in a Florida Condominium, and this was written by the Association president.  Think it fits?
Wordsworth is unique that we have a resident in each building that is your contact for your building.  That is the person that you go to if you have questions about trash pickup or where to find a vendor to clean my vents or who can change a beeping smoke detector battery.  Your building rep (there is a list by building on the website) should have your contact information, in case you are away and there is an emergency in your building.  If you go away for the winter months, remember your building has 5 other owners sharing their homes with you and if your pipes burst during the winter because you are gone, you are responsible for the damage to all involved.  Some handy tips if you travel or are a seasonal resident:
·        If you plan to be gone for an extended period cut off water services to your unit.
·        Set Heating Thermostat to minimum setting 50-55 degrees.
·        Leave key to unit with a neighbor or relative.  Also, a phone number where you can be reached in an emergency.
·        Turn off bell on all telephones.
·        Bring in water hoses, patio furniture, etc. if possible.
·        Put timers on lamps in living room or entry or kitchen.
·        Remove all trash inside unit. (ask a neighbor to put it out if your gone)
·        Lock all exterior doors securely.
·        Engage all deadbolts as well as entry locks.
·        Have someone collect your mail, newspapers, etc.
·        Have someone inspect the exterior of your unit for forced entry, broken windows, etc. every week if possible.
Our Neighborhood Watch consists of neighbors watching out for neighbors and it works, that is why it is great if you have a local contact you trust with your extra key and the building rep has their contact number in case of emergency.  That simple gesture has saved lives and prevented damage to the condo.  That local contact can be your building rep or a neighbor also.  Many of the neighbors, swap cell phone numbers, contact numbers and leave a key when their gone.  We are a close-knit community that looks out for each other.  That contact number came in handy when a seller did not leave the mailbox key for the new owners.  Sunshine called and the contact was notified, had the key, passed it on to new owner.
We don’t consider ourselves living in the country BUT we live in a farming community, where we are is surrounded by creeks and wetlands (protected), so we have critters that consider this home.  Deer come out of the trees to the golf course to graze and drink out of the ponds (they really like the flowers in the beds) and so do raccoons, possums, squirrels, and rabbits.  Red fox has been spotted around the landscaping area and tree line and finally we have a black bear that claims this part of the Virginia Beach his territory, but sights are seldom now with the building going on around us.  He would swim in the pond on 16 and try to raid the trash at Signature.  I haven’t forgotten the snakes, mostly garden snakes but there has been the kind you do not want hibernating in your garage and that is why we suggest you keep your garage door closed.  Another reason is most don’t lock their door from the garage to the unit leaving a way open for thieves.  Not trying to alarm everyone just telling you things that have happened in the neighborhood that could have been prevented.
One of the biggest things that residents can’t come to grips with is landscaping.  Remember everything outside your four walls is common ground and Wordsworth does not allow you to plant or work in the beds surrounding your unit without permission.  Don’t try to direct the landscapers either they are assigned a job and will do nothing else.  We try to keep a schedule of jobs that need to be completed when we contract the landscaping, keeping in mind that there are 50 buildings and a great deal of land to maintain. Not many companies will take on such a large job in one day.  I know it is frustrating that you have dead shrubs they seem to be doing nothing about but trust me the Board and Community Group do inspect, and they know where the trouble areas are, we just need to be patient. 
 Please do not try to repair anything outside your unit.  You probably did all those things when you lived in a house.  Wordsworth established a proactive schedule that keeps major repairs to a minimum by inspecting, cleaning, and repairing 10 scheduled buildings a year.  This year coming up will be the 3000 buildings, if you want to know your building number look in the directory for your address under the building listing or just go out and look at the garages facing the street and about half way at the roof line is your building number.  They also do spot cleaning of the buildings that really have a green mold problem and are not on the schedule for cleaning.  Added a couple of years ago was attic inspections that were strictly voluntary but to your advantage because it made sure you did not have any repairable problems.  Contractor would advise if you had something that needed repair (that is part of your unit so your responsibility).  If there was a structural problem, then the Association would repair.  The doors and windows are your responsibility including the garage door.
We are a private community; we have our own Board of Directors and committees, but we are part of West Neck so some of their rules pertain to us.  If you have questions about Wordsworth here are your contacts:

Chandler Calvert, President of the Board,; Brett Campbell, Community Group, or Mark Heller, VP of the Board,   Phone numbers are available on the website but I can tell you that email is the best way to get in touch, plus you have a paper trail.  You can always ask your building rep and that would be my first call.
You can always contact me by email, please don’t call I am a caregiver and am easily contacted by email.
If I didn’t cover what you are concerned about check the website, ask the contacts listed above.  If you aren’t sure if it is allowed or if you need permission, ASK before acting and save yourself from having to remove or repair.
See you around the neighborhood,

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