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Wordsworth September 2021 E Newsletter
The September Board of Directors meeting has been cancelled because the Board does not have anything that needs action now.  The Board does want you to know what is going on this month to make it a busy month without a meeting.  There is a lot of research being done getting bids for the coming year for Landscaping contracts which will include irrigation.  Looking into addressing irrigation separately.  Also researching bids for a contract for trash pickup. 
The Board is also working on the 2022 budget, this has to be approved at a meeting to send out to the residents 30 days prior to the Board approving the budget in November.
The October meeting is our annual meeting which mean we elect Board members up for election.  This year there are two seats up for election; Mark and I are running for the Board but if there is someone in the community who would like to run for the Board they need to send a brief bio of themselves to Brett and he will add you to the ballot.  We do work on a proxy system to establish a quorum meaning we have to have at least 25% or 75 proxies turned in to Brett to have an election.  Those proxies should be mailed out to you soon.  Remember Associa on the envelope is important for you to open and respond.
West Neck is also having their annual meeting in October with elections of Board members.  Wordsworth has two seats on the Board which your voting member votes for including an at large seat that all voting members vote for.  Only one seat representing Wordsworth is up for election this year.  Mark Heller is stepping down after many years serving on the West Neck Board and Bill Rosenow has stepped up to run for that seat.  Again, if there is someone who would like to run for that seat send your bio to Brett,
While on the subject of West Neck, I need to clear up something.  Wordsworth does not have anything to do with the Village Hall and Pool except to enjoy the facilities like all other residents of West Neck.  If you have questions or concerns with the Village Hall or Pool, contact George Davis, the general manager of the Village Hall and Pool.  689-4189.  George is also the administrator of the West Neck website and who approves you access to that.  The Tuesday morning E News comes to you from Constant Contact is also from West Neck, all others are from me.  We have also found that if you forward the E News or what I send out, Constant Contact will unsubscribe you.  Be careful.
I am going to try and keep up the calendar on our website because George sends me a copy to post so if you have a question whether an event is open to everyone the Wordsworth’s calendar only lists those events that are open to everyone.
We have some repairs happening now you should be aware of; a storm drain at the end of Rose Garden Way has a leak and has been approved by email vote to repair it by Inlet Construction for $8500.00 Chandler got the proposal for the cleaning and inspection of the whole system and it is around 45K.  He has some further research before he brings it to the Board.  This would be a Reserve item.  Just another way the Board tries to be proactive like we do when we inspect the 10 buildings a year.
We have a leaking Dominion transformer on Robins Nest Arch that is in the process of being replaced and the contaminated ground around it treated. If you spot a transformer leaking near you, please report it to Brett, so we ca alert Dominion Energy.
We all know the golf course is wild and woolly and because of that nature has definitely taken over including wildlife. There have been reports of rats on balconies and patios and the only thing you can do is make sure there is nothing to eat out there to keep them coming back.  If you see signs in your condo you need to call your pest control person to set traps.  I have killed tw0 baby snakes within a four-day period in my condo.  Was told that moth balls work great to deter them in the garage.  Turns out it is my fault they are in my condo because as I am unloading the car that takes a few trips I am leaving the door to the condo from the garage open and they are wondering in.  Since I got smart about entering and exiting the condo, I have not had a problem.  Just be aware that critters hunt for food, don’t give them a free meal with that dog food you leave on the porch.
I think that is enough for now to digest, I will send updates as I get them.  There is one thing you can do and that is send me any questions or concerns that you may have about what you have read here, and I will make certain it gets to the right person.  
Have a great holiday weekend, stay safe



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