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Wordsworth December E Newsletter 2021
Let’s get right to the business.  Know you are curious about new vendors contracted for Wordsworth in 2022, so I will start out with GFL our trash company.  The following is the schedule and requirements plus a bulk pickup list with cost.
December 2021-
 Wordsworth Village Thank you for partnering with GFL Environmental! We look forward to servicing you.
Please place household bagged trash out by 7am. We expect to be in the area between 9am and 12pm Please review the hand pick up guidelines below
All trash must be bagged and tied
Please no sharp objects
18 bags per building
Household trash only, no bulk.
Bulk items are charged to the homeowner. To schedule, please call the office aL757-487-2220. The team will take your payment information and schedule the bulk item. Please refer to the bulk items cost sheet for approximate cost.
If, you have large or bulk items that are in a condition to be donated, please contact any of the charitable agencies below for pick up.
Habitat for Humanity - 757-640-0594
Salvation Army - 757-499-0032 (ext. 1)
DAV - 757-46I-4938
CHKD - 757-622-5437
Thank you again for partnering. We look forward to assisting!
* TUESDAY is your service day, 1st service on January 4,2022*
Bulk pickup listing and homeowners cost can be found on the website under maintenance page.  I can list what they don’t take:
No metal items of any kind – refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners. No other appliances, no exercise equipment, no tires, no ceramics or glass mirror, no paint or liquids of any kind.  Mattresses & box springs must be wrapped in plastic and taped shut prior to removal.
Asked about real Christmas trees and was told there will be a cost of $15 for pickup and you need to call GFL to schedule pickup.  They cannot be more then 6 feet.  I would suggest if you have a real Christmas tree ready for disposal, that you find an organization to donate.
The other new contract is with James River Ground Maintenance:
Hello Wordsworth at West Neck Homeowners
We are delighted to begin working with you on landscape maintenance in 2022. James River Grounds has been a leader in landscape maintenance for over 30 years with 5 offices in Virginia. Our team consists of an operations manager, James Dryden who will directly be supervising the crews that service the property. We also have a few other key players such as Anders, our branch manager, Hank our client manager, and Tom our enhancement manager. We also have horticulturist, arborist, landscape designer licenses on staff to ensure all of our clients receive comprehensive service. 
We know transitioning to a new landscape vendor can be a challenge and we appreciate your patience as we learn the community during the first months of service. With your partnership, we are looking forward to making a positive impact on the property. We are working closely with your board to develop ideas for rejuvenating the front entrance beds, a strategic plan for re-working landscape designs around the units, treating trees for disease, and several other initiatives. We have provided a calendar of services to give you a general idea of what to expect month over month. We will also be putting together monthly updates for your review.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and we will see you in 2022!
 Mia Payne 
Business Development
James River will be concerned with mowing, edging, weeding, mulch, turf management and irrigation.  Any enhancements such as plantings or changes to the beds will come later in stages with plans that are given to the Board for approval. Don’t expect big changes right away while they are getting the community on a schedule necessary with the basics in care. It is going to take months with a new landscaper to get all we want for Wordsworth.
Their calendar will be part of the 2022 maintenance plan that Brett is working on now and will be posted to the website.  I will be adding a monthly maintenance calendar to the newsletter starting in January.
National Exterminating Company is scheduled to do their annual exterior termite inspection on the afternoon of January 20th and 21st.
Mark Heller is the chair of the Sprinkler room crews, who inspect every quarter and turn off the outside spigots in December.  If you outside spigot is still running, please contact Mark 355-0091.  They also check the room and turn on the heaters.
We have a new ARC chair, Earl Harper.  He along with Brett Campbell will be riding throughout the community in January looking for possible violations so we can get our community back into compliance.  After their inspection I will put out more information their results.  So, if you are in doubt check your rules or contact Earl at
From Virginia Sprinkler:
We are pleased to report that all 50 samples submitted to Underwriters Laboratories for Wordsworth have passed testing.
We greatly appreciate the opportunity to service your fire sprinkler systems.
Respectfully yours,
Ryan Craig
The Board approved the cleaning and CCTV work by Inlet Construction of our storm drains and Inlet has informed us that they will be starting work in the second week of January.
If you are interested in the Wordsworth Book Club, they meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Village Hall at 10am.  January’s choice is “Beautiful Country” by Quian Julie Wang.  The host is Liza Vincelette. If you wish to join the group, contact Rosemary Bednarczyk at
The Sunshine Committee is looking for someone who would like to meet and greet new residents to Wordsworth.  No experience necessary, Marguerite will show you the ropes.  Contact Marguerite Sell at or call 426-3034.
Next Board Meeting is January 12, 2022. This is enough information to digest for now.
Happy Holidays and a safe New Year to all, Sue



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