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Wordsworth March 2024 E Newsletter 
Middle of the Month again and time to get you up to date on Wordsworth.  Brett will be out of the office until the 25th of March, so if you have issues that can’t be solved by a member of the Board you need to contact Beverly Mallard You can go on the website under “Contact Us” and send your questions.
The Directory form at the beginning of your new inserts is to be used only if you have changes to the current directory listing and the current directory listing has been posted on the website.  You can check that and update your current listing.
Sending a report from Landscaping Enhancement Committee Co-chair Jim Blohm:
This email is a summary of the Wordsworth Landscape Committee work to date.
The committee is creating an RFP to solicit estimates from James River and US Lawns.  The committee objectives established for the initial beautification considers several parameters. A priority objective is to favorably impact as many residents as possible. Renovating only eight to ten buildings a year leaves many residents viewing empty beds for too long.  Another concern is floral diversity.  Roses are lovely but have a short life of six to eight years, longer if the soil is treated before planting and then treated yearly. Considering this, we have created an advisory plant list to be submitted with the RFP.  Our biggest concern was how to keep the cost reasonable while doing as many buildings as possible.  By limiting the scope of work, we believe we will achieve this goal.
To limit the scope of work, we defined three types of beds; the Must Do, (Critical bed), the Should Do, (Needy bed), and the Nothing Needed bed.   Must Do beds are beds with no visual interest. These are beds with empty areas, beds whose edge extends significantly away from plantings, and beds with less than 3 plants or bushes.  Should beds need work but are visually passable.  They will be targeted for future improvement, with proposed yearly budgets. The RFP will be discussed at our next Wordsworth Landscape Committee meeting.  With BOD approval, the RFP will be submitted for estimates. 
 We met with Tom Conway, James River's designer, to review what needs to be done, and are awaiting his reply.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
Jim Blohm
Co-Chair, Wordsworth Landscape Committee
516 662 2512
I hope to have regular monthly reports from James River to send out starting the 1st of April when the weekly service starts. I have been told by Mark Heller that the Sprinkler room teams will be checking the rooms and turning the outside spigots on the 1st week in April.
If you have filled out an ARC request at the Village Hall you need to go to our website and print out Wordsworth’s ARC request.
The following came from Barbara Henley’s Office:
Dear Councilmember Henley,
I hope this message finds you well. Following our recent update at your monthly Community Meeting, I'm pleased to provide responses to the questions raised regarding the CVOW Project. I would be grateful if you could kindly pass these responses along to the attendees. Thank you very much!
1. CVOW Route Map Location:
   - The CVOW Route Map can be found on Simply visit the website and click on "Resources" in the top right-hand corner. Under the "Type" category on the left-hand side, select "Image" and then choose "CVOW Final Transmission Route Map."
2. Transmission Line Construction around Holland Road: 
   - The transmission line will cross Holland Road near the neighborhoods of Holland Pine and Woods of Piney Grove, remaining towards the Princess Anne Substation. All construction and operations will occur within Dominion’s right of way.
3. Plans for Felled Trees and Debris: 
   - Unless otherwise specified in the property owner’s easement, all felled trees and debris will be removed from the right of way. These materials will be taken to local reuse facilities for beneficial reuse, such as mulch. Clearing operations associated with CVOW are for the construction of public utility infrastructure and not for commercial timber harvesting.
4. Contact for Encroachments in Dominion’s Right of Way:
   - For concerns regarding encroachments, please contact Melissa Jordan. Her contact information is as follows:
     - Phone: 804-219-3560
For any further questions or inquiries regarding the CVOW Project, please encourage individuals to reach out to Carrie Rose Pace, the lead communication specialist for the project. Her email is, and her phone number is 1-844-319-2065.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to provide this update.
Kind regards,
Jacob Carasella
External Affairs Representative
Dominion Energy
There have been concerns voiced at the last meeting about cleaning the driveways and sidewalks.  That is a huge expense that the Association decided a survey needs to be sent out to the community to find out the thoughts of the residents about the expense to the Association to clean all the driveways and sidewalks (it has been proposed to cost about $90,000 when asked some years ago). In the meantime, if your want to get your driveway and sidewalk cleaned at your expense the contact is:
Paul’s pressure washing 1-757-803-6916 they do soft wash which is the recommended way to clean because of the aggregate.  
We are due for our 20 year sprinkle inspection which like the garages will require one condo a building to let Virginia Sprinkle Company come into the condo and remove and replace 3 or 4 sprinkles to test like the garages were done.  Before you get excited about this process, Ryan from VSC said it could evaluate one condo to see how the process goes and Brett volunteered me. We were supposed to set this last week but Ryan got the Flu bug and I am waiting for him to call with a new date.  I will keep you updated on this in case it becomes necessary to find volunteers for the rest of the buildings; for now, no plans are in place for that.
Chandler, wanted me to pass this on to you, if you have a deep sink in the garage and you are having trouble with it, the plumber needs to know the water cutoff is outside your building not in your garage and it will turn off the water to the entire building. You will have to let your neighbors in the building know if that had to be done in order to fix your sink and for how long it will be off.  Brett is getting a map of the water cutoffs in the community and will place it in a nearby area for your convenience. I will keep you updated on that.
About the Cox email changing to Yahoo.  As I understand it you will keep your but Yahoo will be your email provider.  You need to go to Cox webmail account and make sure you have your password.  If you try to get access to Cox webmail and they have transitioned to Yahoo it will direct you to Yahoo where you set up your password with them.  Just follow the     directions they give you.  
There is a great resource through the City of Virginia Beach that I get through my email every week.  Subscribe to and you will be up to date on the goings on in Virginia Beach. Very informative.
The May 8th Board meeting will be busy with proposals for the 10 building inspections and the usual power washing, painting that goes along with it. Princess Anne Paving will give a schedule for sealcoating at time and we hope to have our audit completed and given to the Board by then.
The West Neck Board is meeting tomorrow at 6PM in the Village Hall. The E News that you receive every Tuesday comes from West Neck, if you are not receiving the E News let me know and I can get you started.
The Wordsworth Bunko Groups are active on the 1st Monday and the 2nd Thursday of every month. If you are interested in subbing, contact Marci at for 1st Mondays or Marguerite at for 2nd Thursdays.
The Worthy Ladies Luncheon is scheduled for March 28th at Senior Fox, 1080 Nimmo Parkway, at 11:30AM.  If you would like to be on the list for reminders contact Marti Heller at Let her know if you would like to attend by March 25th.  Come join the group we do have a good time and you can get to know your neighbors.
The Wordsworth AM Book Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall card rooms at 10AM.  April’s choice is “The Final Wishes of Mister Murray McBride” by Joe Siple. Hosted by Pat Perkins.  If you are interested in joining the group, contact Rosemary at 
Be safe, stay well and enjoy the Holiday,

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