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Wordsworth April 2021 E Newsletter
I hope now that things are slowly opening and the new normal (that light at the end of the tunnel) is getting closer that everyone is getting their vaccinations to help end this pandemic.  Wordsworth is showing signs of socializing again with the book club meeting in a driveway, social distancing and wearing masks, there are small groups getting together for canasta and other card games.  The library in the Village Hall is reopening, the Fitness Center has been doing well so far and it looks promising for the pool to open soon.  Our social committee is looking ahead and has booked an event that it seems like Wordsworth has missed for too long:
Saturday, December 4, 2021
Put this date on your calendar for an evening of
Music, Dancing, Delicious Food
many fun surprises!!
Celebrate the Holiday Season together   
Stay tuned for more details to follow later in the year.
Continuing Rules Review:
Mobile storage containers will be allowed by residents either moving in or out of Wordsworth Village but MUST have them removed no later than three (3) days after the initial delivery date.
Residents unable to comply with this requirement shall contact our property manager to request an extension. Any DAMAGE to the driveways or common areas that may result from the use of the POD shall be repaired with all cost of the repair charged to the unit owner.
Permanent Emergency Generators
All permanent emergency generator installation requests shall be sent to Community Group for their coordination at least 1 month before installation. After obtaining approval from the Wordsworth
Board, the professionally installed emergency generator must meet all requirements imposed by the City of Virginia Beach before installation. A copy of the official notice and/or permit and final inspection must be sent to the Management Company for the boards’ records.
See the Request form on the Website for all installation details.
Non-Permanent Emergency Generators
All owners are asked to keep their emergency generators a safe distance from the building on a concrete paved area to assure that no damage is done to the exterior. Please note that if the exterior is damaged by the use of the generator, the emergency generator owner shall be fully responsible for
repairs. NO generators shall be in use in the owners’ garage.
4. Garden Flags Permitted by ARC
One Garden flag, not to exceed 2ft by 2ft in size, will ONLY be displayed in the mulched areas nearest to the unit front door. Garden Flags deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately.
5. Improvements to Common Elements
Common Elements are the exterior of the Units and all grounds adjacent to the Units.
• The Unit owner SHALL NOT make any improvements, alterations, or additions to the Common Elements without prior written consent of the Association. All modifications made by the Unit owner to the Common Elements without prior written consent will be considered a violation to these Rules and Regulations and such violations will be enforced as noted above in Resolving Rules Violations. Such prohibited improvements shall include, but not be limited to, any additional buildings, terraces, patios, sidewalks, driveways, walls, windows, doors, screens, shutters or enclosing of patios or balconies, see Screening Regulations below.
• Any improvements to the building interior of a unit that involves modifications that effect the building exterior shall require approval from the ARC
• No Landscaping shall be allowed by owners including removal or cutting of plantings.
Please note that Storm Doors must meet the West Neck pre-approved standard of full or mid view, white framed glass that may be etched around the edges and shall be submitted for approval by the ARC Committee.
Laundry, rugs, bathing suits and other articles shall not be hung from the windows, railings, or any exterior portion of the buildings at any time. Sweeping or shaking of mops or rugs or throwing dust or anything else from the windows, railings or doors is not permitted at any time.
The most common and frequent issues that comes across my desk and includes calls to the Board are damages to the interior areas of your condo such as water intrusion in your floors.  Concern: who is responsible for repair, Association, or homeowner?
Let me answer that with what I went through when my wood floors in my kitchen area was damaged by water intrusion through the concert slab.  It happened within the 10-year period for the Association to examine and warrant the removal and repair of the floor.  Now they would only pay for the basic flooring as built and I opted to pay for tile which is an upgrade and owner responsibility along with install.  Key phrase here is it occurred within that 10-year warranty, but I still had to pay for the upgrade to get what I wanted. 
Now we are passed that 10-year warranty so where do we go for results and resolution?  Your homeowner’s insurance!  you need to go to your insurance carrier not the Association when dealing with interior damage.  As far as I know there is not anything interior wise that is covered by the Association (even leaks from another unit), UNLESS there is damage to the unit caused by purposefully gaining access to a common element. The example is the repairs to the beams in the floor settlement issues where we go thru the garage (or kitchen) below to repair the beam. 
Mark Heller, Board member and committee chair for the sprinkler room committee volunteers has sent out a request to the volunteers to do their 1st quarter inspection of the sprinkler rooms making sure they are clean, checking status and turning on the outside faucets.
Action List that the Board is working on:
2021 maintenance of the 10 buildings and community maintenance – 2400-2900, 4500-4800: Clean and paint to include entry doors, columns, and shutters.  Inspect roofs. Inspect driveways.  Requested proposals pending on this year’s maintenance.  Roof inspection repairs are complete for last year’s buildings 3000-3900.  Miscellaneous driveway repairs are also complete.
A work order was generated with Dominion Power for junction box maintenance and is pending.
APRIL 2021
TBD Board of Directors Annual Inspection
TBD Budget and Committee Finance Committee Meeting
Lawn Service Weekly
Review audit report if available
Meet with Signature Landscapes
Forward Directory update to Homeowners
Distribute E-Newsletter
Review Rules and Regulations for any revisions (if needed)
Maintenance Schedule
Building Light inspection
Weekly Landscape Service
Quarterly inspection of Sprinkler Rooms
Mulch and Edging – third week per contract
Application 2- Pre-emergent/crabgrass
Board of Directors annual inspection of Community
Irrigation starts up.
As needed trash and debris removal
Weed Control
Turn off heaters in Sprinkler room.
Exterior water faucets turned on.
Had a request to forward this to you:
        The West Neck Educators Club (WNEC) is our great civic organization that receives donations throughout the year for WNEC Scholarship Fund, to award to Kellam High School seniors.  To raise funds the WNEC sponsors various activities such as informative learning programs for residents, “Community Sale” of donated items, Cashola dinners at local restaurants, membership events with donated food and entertainment and since COVID, a Virtual 5K run.  In 2020 the partnership provided an incredible $20,000 in scholarships to deserving local seniors.  Cumulatively over the past 10 years, WNEC has given over $100,000 to 37 Kellam seniors.  In addition, they have a partnering program with the students to provide helpful services for our West Neck residents such as dog walking and assisting with TAG sale. 
Now, we are excited to announce our new WNEC initiative to raise scholarship funds.
Donation Cards
We know that there are many times when you need or want to mark special events by sending a donation and a note to-
·         Recognize and celebrate a special event such as a Birthday, an Anniversary or achievement of a special goal.
·         Send your expression of sympathy or support with a heartfelt Memorial donation.
·         Or simply to say Thank You to a friend, or anyone deserving your recognition or appreciation.
         BUT - why spend time hunting for and purchasing cards at the store or try to find and arrange donations to some random charity? The easy solution is to simply call our neighbor and WNEC Board Member Pearl Taylor and send a specially designed WNEC donation card and note to the recipient in your name. In addition, you receive a Thank You card from WNEC recognizing your amount for your tax records.  The donations can be in any amount but must be a minimum donation of $10.00. 
Pearl Taylor
2834 Loveliness Court - Virginia Beach, VA 23456
757-406-7947 –
Call me if you need additional information or want to send a card.
I will have the card in the mail the following day.
As always, Thank You for supporting
 West Neck Educators Club!!
Pearl sent a donation card for Jay; it is a great way to remember a family member or friend and support the Educator’s club at the same time.
That’s all for this month, but I would like to offer a suggestion for May.  How about sending me those questions for the Board and I will try to get answers in the May Newsletter.
Hope to see you around the neighborhood,
I will be posting an updated directory listing on the website.


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