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News Articles
Crepe Myrtles between Driveways-Survey
Posted on May 4th, 2016
For an explanation of the survey showing on this page, the following article from the May Newsletter has been posted here:
Over the years we have struggled with the proper maintenance for the crepe myrtle trees in the beds that are located in between the driveways.   Due to the close proximity of the trees to the buildings aggressive pruning has been completed to keep trees from blocking house numbers, prevent trees from touching the roof of the building and prevent limbs from touching or hanging over vehicles.   If left to grow without pruning the trees could become a maintenance issue to the building and limbs would be hanging over the driveways.  The trees located on Cadence Drive as you exit the community have only been limbed up and not pruned.  These crepe myrtles would be the same size as the ones between the driveways.  If you have ever parked under a crepe myrtle you are well aware of the debris that can be dropped from the tree.   In 2011, Browningstone, the sister community of Wordsworth removed 37 crepe myrtles between the driveways because they felt the area in which they were planted was too small and the roots from the trees could be an issue in the future.     
We would like to solicit your input on the maintenance of the tree.   It has been discussed removing the trees from the beds, but we want your opinion on this option.  If removed a tree would not be replanted.  Most of the beds between the driveway have shrubbery and the street trees provide a good tree canopy for the community. 
Black Particles in the Water
Posted on Mar 4th, 2016 Comments (0)
At the last West Neck meeting a concern about black specks in the shower, bathtubs and sinks in the bathroom and kitchen were showing up in some homes and there was a concern about water quality in our community.  One of the concerned residents was from Wordsworth so Deb (President of the Board) asked me to look into the matter.  I asked Brett to look into the issue and he called the City’s water quality department and the following is her response:
Black Particles in the Water:
In a recent meeting it was brought to the Boards attention of little black particles in the water have been identified in the sinks and bathtubs. In speaking with the City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities Water Quality Lab the black particles are a hot water issue that are not in the hot water tank but is related to the braided metal tubing (Serpentine) going into the tank. There is a rubber liner in the tubing that breaks down and washes through the system which produces the black particles. In speaking with the City’s Water Quality Lab the tubing will need to be replaced. If you are experiencing this in your water you may contact the City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities Water Quality Lab and speak with Susan Sadowski at 757-385-1430 for more information.
She knew just what Brett was asking about because this is a City wide problem.
Virginia Beach Police report on Scams
Posted on Jan 18th, 2016 Comments (0)