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Status on the driveway Crepe Myrtles
Posted on Aug 20th, 2016 Comments (0)
The recent survey showed that most would like to see the trees remain in the driveways.  The problem of the trees closest to the building will continue to be a problem to the building.  The trees that are in the common area and around the flagpole will be allowed to grow naturally.  The short driveways do not need two trees in the medium of the driveway and the one closest to the building will be cut down.  They will be cut to ground level and trimmed every year to make sure they do not come back.  Brett, Chandler and Mark will make an inspection of the driveways and mark the trees they think will evidentially interfere with the roof and gutters besides making it impossible to read the unit numbers.  The Board will ask for a proposal for removing those marked trees and move forward from there.  As you can see by the trees on Legendary the trees fill out when not competing for space so the driveways should not see an absence of one tree after the remaining tree is allowed to grow to its full capacity.
Thanks for the comments it did help with this decision.
Virginia Beach Police report on Scams
Posted on Jan 18th, 2016 Comments (0)